About NEH


The essence of a label draws its ethos from the creative depths of the person who has dreamt and willed it into existence. NEH is one such vibrant YELLOW story.  The label NEH is the creative brainchild and essence of Nehal Swaroop and Simira Swaroop which was conceived in 2014. Brought to life with a standalone store in the picturesque and quaint streets of Shahpur Jat in 2017, its been spreading joy to the lovers of contemporary Indianwear ever since. 

NEH is driven by the insatiable need to seamlessly bridge the gap between daily wear and festive clothing while finding a sweet spot in the middle of that vast spectrum. It reflects the optimism of the divinely gifted block printers that pour their love onto the fabric, the hope of the weavers that reaches us in the form of these ethereal fabrics and the priceless skill of everyone involved from the start of a garment to the finish. A label that appreciates and deeply understands the elegance that comes with being a woman, and working towards creating masterful pieces that embrace the female anatomy, in its purest form.

Simplicity looks graceful when draped over your body in silhouettes that don’t discriminate based on your weight. We, at NEH treasure the luxury of an ever changing body and work towards inculcating silhouettes that suit every body type. Fabrics like cotton, mulmul and chanderi lend themselves beautifully to make relaxed feminine fits.

The universe took its time on you, so do we! While we craft for you the perfect alchemy of Traditional India with quirky contemporary silhouettes that can vibrantly revamp your wardrobe. Every garment at NEH is a joyful merriment of eclectic colours that has had a ripple effect reaching all the way to Bollywood and beyond it.

NEH also offers you a creative safe space to whip up your own fashionable flavor, and  mix together different colours. You can also style different pieces to your liking, leaving you spoilt for choices.

We not only believe in treating yourself with some fashion indulgence, we also encourage it!

A bright eyed Nehal Swaroop has spent her time and grown up in an environment that has given her the perfect exposure to the world of textiles and fashion. She has grown up seeing her mother manage her own clothing brand and followed her footsteps. Having earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Designing from the best design school in India with various laurels under her belt only helped nurture her love for Indian Textiles. The time spent at  National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi shaped her skills, design aesthetics and propelled her to carve out her eponymous label NEH.

Creating a new vocabulary of Indian Contemporary clothes that has found its holy grail/home between daily wear and heavy festive wear, all the while keeping in mind the sheer bounty of Different Indian Handicraft practices that are present in INDIA. Representation of these traditional practices is vital to keep the culture rich legacy of our country breathing. We keep our clothes in sync with this precious vision and maintain our sense of modern minimal aesthetics. 


We, at NEH believe that a team which is empowered with a solid core of values translates into a better quality of finished garments. NEH is always bubbling with good vibes and happy people. Each piece defines the JOY that goes into making them, the FLUIDITY of the inspirational mood from one sleeve to the other, the CELEBRATION of life can be seen through the vibrant colours that trickle into every detail, the CLASSIC Indian attire revved up with fun elements sourced from far away places in India and making sure that ORGANIC is not just a dieting fad but also a reality in the fashion industry. 





We at NEH pride ourselves with our deep rooted love affair with the beauty of Indian aesthetics. Celebrating it through affordable quirky pieces, tailormade with precision to your specifications! Having the power to make a CHOICE is the most empowering


Every woman makes her own distinct set of choices, relates to a unique sense of aesthetics and makes her own different type of sartorial choices. So in every wardrobe decision that you make, we kid you not. NEH has all bases covered! 

Three lines of carefully curated collections that appeal to every mood and occasion :

A collection of fluid Indian staples that can be worn as elegant daily wear that is homely, unfussy, muted and restrained perfect for your daily wear.

These are the exclusive collections that inculcate elements from both the staples and the festive lines to make our niche garments for those who like to switch up their wardrobe with eye catching pieces. These contemporary Indian garments are perfect for an semi-formal event, a brunch with your loved one or your relative’s high tea and Pooja!

This is our capsule collection of stunning Indian wear that takes the fun elements up a notch! It promises to provide you with the absolutely appropriate festive wear that will make you stand out in your annual  Diwali Parties, your best friend’s wedding functions or weddings across your social circuit! That’s a NEH promise.



The intent behind the future trajectory of the label is to see NEH in the wardrobe of every person who likes to challenge the norms and take a few risks, loves to wear Indian clothing but also wants to make a great style statement. Somebody who understands the importance of light breathable fabrics and comfort. With a few more stores under the pipeline in the coming future, NEH will find it’s way to more cities across India and a bigger global footprint.



NEH is the alter ego for anyone who loves to be a head turner. We appreciate a woman who makes her choices for herself and marches to the beat of her own drum.

A woman who loves walking into a room emanating true class, poise and an understated grace that’s hard to miss. We also believe that age is just a number and Indian women age like fine wine.